Clean My Screen Clean your screen, one lick at a time.

Note: unfortunately Clean my Screen is not available anymore. We're very sorry about that.

Ridiculous, you say? Yes indeed. And delicious! But there is more going on here than just plain licking:

This entertaining application allows you to select photos from your library or take photos with the camera (if your device has one) to act as the screen image to be cleaned. Very clever.

Who needs the love? Your best pal? A family member? Your boss? Instantly select their photo and watch with delight how they are licked spiffy clean. And then do it again.

Watch the demonstration video at the right to see Clean My Screen in action.


Meet the Cleaners


(Included for free in Clean My Screen)

Connoisseur of all things good: gourmet chow, catnip, cream, rolling marbles, laps, and sunny spots. Favorite pastime: bird watching. “Did I mention catnip? I like catnip.”

(Included for free in Clean My Screen)

Likes: Long walks, cleaning up baby faces, her own cubbyhole, and belly rubs. Dislikes: Children who pull and poke, thunder, sirens, and cats. Especially cats.

(Can be unlocked for free in Clean My Screen)

Very talented. Licking is her day job, but she also wags, begs, and balances on three legs (just one of the boys). Extremely fast tail chaser and someday she may catch it. It won't be pretty.
Very hugable. Likes barking at things but doesn't like it when they bark back. Scared of loud sounds, teenage boys and passing wheelchairs. Convinced her bosses don't feed her enough; could eat all day.
Hi, I’m Maggie. I will tell you right now: I’m a napper, not a biter. But if someone comes in the room singing, “Wake up, Maggie” one more time, I’m going to roll over.

I like chasing sticks, leg hugs, having people pick up my crap, rolling in interesting smells, shedding with abandon, and farting. I hate porcupines and cheap dog food. I’m here to tell you, I’m some dog!
I am the original Femme Feta, my dear. And wouldn’t you agree, pigs are men? Right now I ‘m seeing an older Holstein named Fred. I just adore the way he moos me.
Keeps Emily company and is a good dog too. Likes to sit by the fire and protect the yarn basket from the cat. Got her head stuck in the fence once. Even the letter carrier likes her.
This handsome little fellow used to trip over his own tongue. Now he is licking his way into iHearts everywhere. Said to resemble a fruit bat minus wings, he enjoys hunting for crunchy bugs. A good boy most of the time. Did eat a newspaper once.
Faye and Ray

Hi, I’m Fay! And I’m Ray!
We could do this all day...

We are angels swimming deeply.
Tell us, are you feeling sleepy?
Yes, now you’re getting sleepy,
And will soon be sleeping deeply.

Hi, I’m Fay! And I’m Ray!
and we could do this all day!
Turn ons: back scratches, knitting, mobiles, warm places, and new upholstery. Turn offs: car rides, baths, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, and fast moving dogs. I'm the kitty next door.
More cleaners will be added in free updates!